1-on-1 Inner World Adventures

What is your relationship to your inner world?
Is it a place of confusion and chaos that you’d sometimes rather avoid?
How might it be if you could navigate it with more clarity, courage and curiosity?

Making sense of yourself on your own can be overwhelming and confusing. It’s a jungle in there and there are so many paths to get lost along! If you really want to develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself, a helpful guide can provide invaluable support.

An Inner Adventure Session with me is a chance to make sense of yourself (there’s really nothing wrong with you – really!) and care for what is important and dear to each part of you.

Empathic Presence

In these sessions you are welcome to bring in a topic from any area of life which you would like to explore, transform or develop a more compassionate relationship with –  work, home, relationships, life projects, spirituality, education…anything at all!

With my background and training in Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems, I provide an empathic space to safely and coherently explore inner tensions, conflicts – and celebrations!

A session with me can also include coaching in Communication Skills & Principles, and the Art of Self-Empathy.

Some topics I’ve supported people with in the past are…

  • being torn about making life decisions
  • breaking out of patterns of conflict with loved ones
  • seeking support, understanding and self-compassion while going through a challenging life event, such as divorce or break-up
  • overcoming blocks to making lifestyle changes and following your dreams
  • feeling lost or stuck in life and seeking inner clarity and direction
  • preparing for a challenging conversation with someone at work or home
  • being with and transforming difficult emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, shame, guilt, worry or stress

I offer 1-on-1 empathy sessions in person or via Zoom for 1 to 1.5 hours.

What is empathy?

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers

Empathy is a quality of presence which is not a rush to judge, fix or solve. It is a movement of curiosity towards what the other person is experiencing and what is important to them.

When who we are and what we say is received in this way without judgment or evaluation an opportunity for transformation, learning, and self-connection is possible.

I’m not here to tell you where to go or how to think or be. No, it’s much more interesting than that!

A little note

I like to clarify that I’m not a certified therapist, coach or advisor; I’m a human being inspired by how a welcome presence for all of life’s movements and moments gives rise to (self-)compassion and ignites a deep-seated inspiration to enrich life for ourselves and others. And I’m deeply fulfilled by being able to contribute to life in this way!

Jocelyn’s Empathic Presence Sessions are exceptional.  Her deep listening creates a safe space, and acts like a beacon of awareness through the layers of your own emotions, thoughts and perspectives into an internal space of compassion and awareness. Her sensitivity, clarity, respect and kindness are powerful and illuminating – I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with Jocelyn.” – Béthany

Loving the Inner World Adventures. I’ve done a few with Jocelyn and finding them deeply transformative.” – Donal

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