Cultural Catalyst Network
I’m excited to be collaborating with others to establish a European centre for the CCN. We are a worldwide community of people aspiring to take wise and courageous action to address the complex challenges of our time in ways that create connection, heal separation, and serve the well-being of all life. Check out the website for upcoming Be The Change gatherings, our Transformational Leadership Path trainings, and our Transformational Learning Centres vision.

Connecting2Life – Yoram Mosenzon
Yoram has been my NVC trainer in The Netherlands since 2016. I recommend his trainings 1000 times over for his deep embodiment of the practice and principles of NVC which shine through his teaching. I find him a true inspiration and a lovable friend!

Steps2Peace – Roberta Wall
Roberta was my first ever NVC trainer back in 2015. I admire how she weaves Buddhist Mindfulness and NVC together to support a practice of living compassion.

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