Whether we’re partners, friends, family, neighbours or colleagues .. when two or more people come together there’s a chance for conflict to arise between us.

Hurt, disappointment, anger, mistrust… it’s exhausting to live with, and when we’re no longer able to navigate the mess together, it’s no wonder our conflicts lead to distancing and separation.

But what if these conflicts could become a doorway to greater authenticity and understanding?

We all long for trust, cooperation and peace.
But it’s not always easy when we both want to be heard but we’re both in too much pain to listen. Suddenly gratitude and generosity turns into defensiveness and demands, and most likely our hearts have started to close to each other. If only someone could help translate our painful messages into connection!

A Mediation Session with me is an opportunity to:

  • find a way for both/all of you to express, be heard and understood
  • (re)connect in the deeper layers of what is really going on
  • heal the pain between you and start rebuilding trust
  • find a way forward that everyone can agree on
  • learn new communication skills for use in daily life

A Supportive Presence

With my background and training in Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems, I provide an empathic space to safely and coherently explore the tensions and challenges between you, and navigate the way back into connection.

Some topics I’ve supported people with in the past are…

  • becoming a team again: transforming competition to cooperation
  • conscious uncoupling
  • understanding and transforming recurring patterns of conflict
  • hopes and dreams: making lifestyle decisions that work for all
  • addressing anger, guilt, jealousy or shame in the connection
  • ‘cleaning up the mess’ from past conflicts
  • deepening love: creating a safe space for more honesty
  • to stay together or go our separate ways?
  • support for delivering a difficult message

Arranging a session

To schedule a session, please get in touch via my Contact page.

I offer mediation sessions in person or online via Zoom.

Timing & Contribution

For a 2-person mediation
I offer an income-based sliding scale of suggested hourly rates which you can find here.
For a first session I suggest 3 hours. After the first session we can evaluate the need and structure for future sessions together.

For a mediation with more than two people
Please get in touch so we can explore a suitable structure and exchange together.

A little note

I like to clarify that I’m not a certified therapist, coach or advisor; I’m a human being inspired by how a welcome presence for what’s between us gives rise to new, more supportive ways to connect. I’m deeply fulfilled by being able to contribute to cooperation, trust and respect between people in this way!

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